New Home (hopefully)

Update 16:  Only 12 days left until desired closing date. The appraisal has been completed on the house, but I haven't received any word about it. I had to give my most recent paystub to the loan company and they asked if I work 40 hrs. Instead of using my year to date and looking at my pay as a whole, they are only looking at individual checks. It does not make sense that I'm being punished for taking time off work that I have earned by working overtime. I still do not know if my loan will be approved.

There is work scheduled to replace some fans with lights, and to replace old smoke detectors. I will be paying for those repairs. The roof color has been decided! However, my first choice color was not available. I'm sure it will be fine and at this time, the least of my worries. 

Mystery solved!! We went to the escape room last week! It was so much fun, and my son and I were winners! It was the Tesla room and the end game was to turn on the lights and open the door. It was dark and we had some little flashlights to navigate around. We did have to get two hints, and one clarification, but they were minimal. We finished with a little over two minutes left out of the 60 minutes that was given to us to escape. 

Online Ordering

I think I will dedicate this page to my online ordering.
New additions will be at the top. It doesn't seem that I'm able to order without an issue!!


I only ordered 3 items. As soon as the order was placed, someone from the store called. They were out of two of the flavors I chose. I guess they didn't see the message about letting the store choose a replacement. I answered the phone anyway. We quickly decided on replacement flavors. It was now 6:51 PM. Estimated delivery was 7:23 PM.  I got a message my food would be late, but the driver was indeed on the way to the restaurant.  It was now 7:17 PM. 

My order is picked up at 7:35 PM and dropped off at 7:47 PM.  I can live with that, no problem. EXCEPT, I only got the one item the store employee called me about. It was also completely soupy, except for the banana slices. The receipt attached to the delivery just indicated one item. It was delivered 54 minutes after it was made. I didn't request a refund for that item.

After contacting the driver, and not receiving a reply, I requested a refund for the two items that were completely missing! It was a ham and cheese grilled sandwich and hash browns that I didn't get. 

One day I will reach a point where enough is enough.      


Update 2: I found out the UPS notification was not for my reward shirt! Instead, it WAS something that I ordered and forgot it would be shipped UPS. It is a Hello Nest Video Doorbell! Hopefully to be used on the house I'm trying to buy!