Online Ordering

I think I will dedicate this page to my online ordering.
New additions will be at the top. It doesn't seem that I'm able to order without an issue!!


I had reward points with Dell from when I bought my computer a few months back. I started to get frequent emails from Dell that my points would expire in March. I only had $31.50 in points and wasn't sure what I wanted to buy. I considered tax software, but it was cheaper to get direct. I thought about a camera, but I decided I didn't need it at this time. I decided on a wireless mouse. I placed the order on February 20 and paid the .44 cents needed to go with my reward points. The delivery date was for Thursday, February 25. During the week, I got updates your order will arrive Thursday February 25. Great! I was looking forward to it so I could control what I was streaming from my computer to my TV without having to go to my computer. On Thursday, I get this text message (tracking purposely blocked): 

Awesome! It is about time I get an order from Dell and FedEx on time. What could go wrong?

Very typical for FedEx in my experience. Sometime after 8 PM on Thursday, I looked on the FedEx website and found - Scheduled delivery: Monday, March 1 by 8:00 pm. Neither Dell or FedEx has updated me that the delivery date has changed. Luckily, it was an order that wasn't needed when expected.                                                                 


I've typically used Avast Free Antivirus and have not had any complaints. Last March, I decided to try Avast Cleanup because my computer was running really slow. They had a deal to try free for 30 days, no credit card needed, and 40% off for one year.  How could I go wrong with this claim? 

While Avast Cleanup Premium can be used in conjunction with an antivirus to ensure your PC performs its best, Cleanup does not actually protect your device from viruses, ransomware, or other malware. Rather, Avast Cleanup Premium finds non-harmful, space-stealing files that aren’t doing anything for your PC and erases them. While this can improve your PC’s performance, these “junk files” aren’t actively malicious, and thus aren’t considered malware.

I decided to try it, but it didn't help my slow computer. (It turns out going from a gaming laptop to a really basic desktop makes a difference in gaming!) Anyway, I paid the 23.99 and went on my way with this assurance, "We’ll email you at least 30 days before the end of the subscription period reminding you of the upcoming billing (including instructions for cancelling)." I ended up buying a new computer and didn't give Avast Cleanup another thought after the initial trial.

They didn't send an email. However, I got this message, "This is to let you know that we’ve just renewed your subscription: $59.99.  We’re sending your invoice and a few bits of other important information. Thanks for sticking with us — it means a lot! To prevent any gaps in your service, we’ve charged you a few days before your current subscription period ends."  

After some email communication with Avast, I have been refunded.  


It is sad enough that I have to order my own flowers, but I didn't anticipate getting the wrong ones. I felt I needed some cheering up and some bright colors. I decided to order some flowers to go with my recent vase purchase.  I really like the size and color of the vase and it was reasonably priced.

I chose 'Do Not Substitute" on my Grocery / Flower order.  I don't want to speak with the shopper and I'm fine with not getting anything. However, I'm not fine with getting the wrong item and worse two wrong items. I'm also not fine with you texting me and asking what you should do. It is very clear what you should do. If they don't have the item DO NOT SUBSTITUTE.

Sure the second bouquet is pricier and I wasn't charged the increased price, but it wasn't what I ordered or wanted. I won't even go into how I feel about the typo on the website for one of them.  I immediately got a well written response from Shipt. I told them I didn't want a refund because I would use the flowers.  They did refund them, but more importantly she addressed the issue. 

About two hours later, someone from Shipt called. At first I thought he was from Windows wanting to give me a refund. With difficulty, he informs we they got my email. Hmm OK. Then he asks what is the problem. You read my email and then ask me what is wrong??? Thanks for calling, but it has already been handled. I couldn't imagine even being on the phone with him another 30 seconds.


Maybe this shouldn't have bothered me, but it did. Not just a little bit, but immensely.

New Home (hopefully)

My journey to buy a new home began when I first started looking on real estate sites out of curiosity in January. I knew I needed to move mid year, but didn't really consider buying. There were a few desirable neighborhoods in the town I live that I wanted to explore. It became more apparent with each passing day that there were few rentals and not many houses to choose from to buy. The affordable ones, rent or buy, did not have what I was looking for in a home. I decided I would focus on purchase over rent. I was getting discouraged. 

My manager and I had a chat since she hopes to move to Florida. She motivated me to explore other towns. So I set out on Google and any real estate website that had good search capabilities. I was quite happy with because they had a user friendly website with features such as street view, crime map, and easily applied filters. 

I searched lots of areas in Florida. Was I going to ever find a place I could call home. I knew what I needed and placed everything on a mental checklist. I also needed to decide if I wanted to live close to the Atlantic coast or the Gulf coast or somewhere in between. The other item to consider is I was under lease for another 5 months. I did some mental math, along with other considerations, and thought I'd wait until April to get serious about home buying. 

Each day, I would search with no astonishing results. I searched the entire state, but only one area really caught my attention because of the town's name. I thought to myself: Who wouldn't want to live in a town with that name! I was, however, not thrilled with the street names that were numerical.  How was I going to convince my brain that a generic street name was not a deal breaker! 

I kept searching, but at some point I decided I could be happy in one of the communities in that area. Now I just needed to decide on which community, and find a house that I loved. Each day I searched. Each day a particular community felt more and more suitable to what I need. There were some houses for sale that were pending. A few houses outside my budget.  A couple houses had some things I couldn't look past. One house caught my attention, but it had already been on the market for six months. I continued to search, but the same house kept coming up without any real competition. 

I was worried that if I waited, someone else would would scoop it up! Then I saw this quote when I was looking for an unrelated image - it was definitely a sign.

I did not want to lose a chance at this house by waiting 2 more months. I knew I needed to contact a real estate agent, but my anxiety was soaring. I had dealt with an agent I really like several years earlier when I first moved to Florida, but I didn't know if she would be able to help me with this endeavor. It is outside her typical service area and a thousand other reasons in my mind why she wouldn't be able to or want to help me. I finally convinced my self that I had nothing to lose and texted the agent. 

The agent texted me right away and let me know she would call me shortly - which she did. She immediately set me up with a lender that could get me pre-approved as I requested. I paced a lot and kept telling myself positive thoughts so I'd be able to make that next call. I contacted the loan officer the following day. Within 24 hours I had a pre-approval letter and within 48 hours, I was looking at houses with my agent, including the house that had captured my heart.

There was so much I loved about the house after I looked at it in person! Another sign of the Universe is it had a painting with a lighthouse hanging in the garage. I then found out the actual lighthouse is within the community! Anyone who knows me well, knows I love lighthouses. It is a symbol of hope.
It doesn't get better I thought. I was wrong! I found out I will get all the stuff in the garage! Woot!

The owner of the house is deceased and the estate is handling the sale. We sent in an offer. It was rejected. We presented another offer. It was accepted. Now it is a matter of waiting for the appraisal, inspections, and final loan approval.  I suggested a March 26 closing date if all goes well.

March 26 is Purple Day. A celebration aimed at raising worldwide awareness of epilepsy, a condition that affects over 65 million people globally.  My son, Travis who lived with and suffered from epilepsy died nine years ago this month and is often a driving force. 


We had the house inspected and there were a few minor issue and an issue with the roof. We asked for the repairs and most were accepted. Concerning the roof, just minor roof repair instead of replacement. The house has everything I was looking for in a house and more. I don't get any red flags, and the roof will need replacement, at some point. 

The house had this neat little heart shaped sitting area which I adore. 

Just a few more steps to complete the house buying process. The appraisal after the repairs are made and then final loan approval. I'm still not out of the woods or should I say amusement park? It sure has been an emotional rollercoaster, and after all the twist and turns, and ups and downs, I hope to end the ride on a joyous note full of smiles. 

We got the pictures of the repairs and I wasn't happy with the roof repair. Much like usual, I feel forced to accept or walk away. It may seem minor, and I suppose it is in the grand scheme of things, but my mind doesn't care about the grand scheme. I haven't been to look at it. I don't want to walk away.

It is just annoying that someone considered this repaired! It is horrible! I'll make it work.

ArcheAge Unchained

At last, ArcheAge Unchained! I originally had planned to play it on 17 November 2020 - it just took 24 days for it to be completely possible! 

It all started in a chat on discord with "Horasio". I decided to purchase the game instead of doing the 30 day free trial. In the past, trials have proven to be more trouble than the 30 days of fun is worth. 

Registering an account would seem to be an easy accomplishment! 

Secondly, I had to download the launcher - Glyph - easy enough.

Ah, another easy step, verify email. Oops, I had a typo in the email I registered with so I couldn't get into the account. No problem, I'll just re-registered with the correct email - or was it correct? Uh Oh! 3rd time is the charm!! I finally was able to verify my account. BUT, my game wasn't there, it was still with the first account and wrong email!

I checked to see if the first email account had an owner and it did. Thoughts of emailing the owner of the email faded pretty quickly. I wanted the game to be attached to my normal gaming email. I had to figure out how to get the registration corrected or get my money back.

Going through the support pages on the launcher was incredibly frustrating. Apparently, the game had recently changed hands. I paid for the game with PayPal and the phone number and email of the company was no longer in service. I repeat, NO LONGER IN SERVICE! I knew I didn't want to file a claim with PayPal as their customer service is completely horrible. I honestly wanted to just rebuy the game.

"No, Abbye, No!" My anxiety was through the roof! Let me just rebuy the game - easy peasy! "No, Abbye, No!!" "Yes, you messed up and it is totally your fault, but, they (the company) should help you." Fine! I found a ticket support page and used the closest choices in the drop down. I don't know why "I registered with the wrong email and now I don't have my game" is not an option.  

        I purchased ArcheAge Unchained using paypal (receipt attached)

        Unfortunately, I miss typed my email when registering for the Glyph Account. 
        Now, I do not have access to the game.

        The seller phone number and the email address for gamigo US Inc. is invalid.

        Please send digital code to my correct email

The emails went back and forth for 7 days. The lack of email on Saturday and Sunday was an indication they did not work weekends. Even when I would respond immediately, they would only respond one time each day. At their suggestion, I had to request them to delete the third email registration, which was the correct email, so they could change the email address on the first account I had registered.  

At last, I could play, or could I?? I could not. I downloaded the game and pressed play. ERROR CODE - #something. I immediately search the internet for a fix. After research, I was able to find a reliable fix. Onward! I created a character on the EU server - someone has MY name - hope it isn't "Horasio" since I had a falling out with him.  I got my name sorted and began the tutorial! I could N    O          T      M        O            V      E - Oh the laaaaaaaaag. I thought maybe it was because I was on the EU server, so I created a character on the NA server to N  O    A V    A   I     L.. 

I was chatting with "Jack" and he asked if I checked System Requirements. I had not. I then realized I was playing on my five year old desktop that was bought for work, not gaming. My gaming laptop had just suddenly quit working and since I no longer needed my desktop for work, I set it up. I hadn't really played any games this year other than Uncharted Waters Online and my computer was fine for that old game. For ArcheAge Unchained, my computer was lacking badly. 

I set out to buy a new computer. I've purchase ten Dell computers and a number of monitors over the years, but I had sworn after my laptop fiasco, I would not purchase another Dell computer. Yet, here I was on the Dell Outlet website looking for a bargain. I found one pretty quickly and entered my card information and submitted with expedited delivery for $25.00. I was excited that I was able to make a decision so quickly!

Then, I got an email from Dell that they were unable to confirm my payment. I found out from my bank that information was incorrectly submitted, but they could not confirm what information. Not a problem. Dell gave me instructions on who to call if I want to change my payment information. However, Dell did not give their employees information on what to do if someone calls to update their payment information. I was bounced all over the place for over an hour and I was in tears. I was not going to be defeated by Dell, a company that I knew had poor customer service.  Dell Outlet had no other computers I was interested in purchasing. I looked at several other brands, but I ultimately stuck with what I knew and went to I chose my options for my machine, double checked my payment, left it on free shipping, and decided to call my bank again. 

The bank agent was wonderful and understood my frustration and problem. The agent confirmed all my information and agreed to stay on the phone with me while I hit submit. The funds were authorized and my computer would be built and shipped by December 7, 2020.  I kept watching my order daily waiting for it to go into production. Once in production, I waited for it to be shipped. Once shipped, I waited for it to be delivered. It is a good thing I live in a decent area as FedEx left it outside my door and didn't knock. 

Set up was easy and I started to download things I would need. Chrome browser, Discord, Steam, Glyph etc. I would finally be able to try ArcheAge Unchained! Or would I??? Not quite yet! ERROR CODE 126. The website help section stated that the error was due to antivirus software. I tried their fix and it didn't work. I found a recent video fix for the error. The few comments all said link #2 worked which was related to DirectX. I went to the link, downloaded it, and was able to log in.  

Finally, I'm able to play. 

I miss "Horasio" though, but I will do my best to go it alone.