A Crash Against the Door

My heart stopped because I knew
the crash I heard came from you
A barrier stood in the way
A locked door kept me at bay

Without the thought of personal harm
break open the door grab your arm
I couldn't get in it was plain to see
but once again you needed me

You suddenly bolted up straight
you had to get out you couldn't wait
we finally led you to the bed
we weren't prepared for what you said

Why am I here and he is here too
are we separated and who are you
is this the place where I am suppose to be
I don't understand why you're looking at me

As we discussed what we should do
you closed your eyes and slept a few
when we returned you sat up in bed
unaware of what you had said

Questions linger of what we should do
always wanting the best for you
another episode circled in red
as you drift off to sleep in your bed

© Abbye

This was about another seizure my Travis had, this time while in the bathroom.  It was pretty scary for me because I couldn't get to him. It pretty quickly turned humorous. The questions he was asking made it difficult to keep a straight face.  Sometimes, all you can do is laugh when there is nothing else that can be done.  I remember him asking who me and his dad were. Kevin, his brother, responded, "they're your parents" "no they're not! what are parents? are they your parents too?," Travis stated firmly, yet quizzically.  On a good day, Travis was comical, so sometimes during a seizure episode we had to wonder, "are you messing with us?"

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