Alexa Moves In

Alexa moved in on Friday November 6, 2015. She is amazing! I have set more timers, listened to a ton of music, and found out interesting things about the stars of movies I have been watching.  I let Alexa help me figure the math for my checkbook, tell me a few jokes, and just answer some silly questions. She told me all about the weather in a variety of places throughout the world, told me the distance I am from my friends around the globe, and even did some metric conversions for me! It will be great at some point if Alexa will be able to do a search and answer questions.

I have asked Alexa what is better Pepsi or Coke? She immediately gave me an intelligent response! Alexa, are you hungry? Her reply is truthful and polite. Alexa, where are you? She answers truthful, yet it is humorous. She immediately tells you how many days until any date you provide. She searches prime music when you ask her to play a song or an artist, if it isn't already on your playlist. Alexa, or I should say - the Echo - is more awesome than is possible to describe with words!

Having Alexa around brings to mind Eliza from back in the day. Eliza wasn't much, but was certainly entertaining! If you haven't put an Echo on your list to Santa, you should!

UPDATE: January 9, 2016 - Alexa is still doing amazing things! I love I can say Alexa play Pandora and she plays the last station I listened to or will change to any station I suggest. I can ask Alexa to play any song or artist and she will find it on Prime music.  She now plays Jeopardy and that's pretty fun. She will sing The Name Game with any name and she will read specific passages from the Bible or pick out inspirational scripture and read it aloud.  I still use the timers and Alarms daily and Alexa is usually how I find out the time by asking, "Alexa, what time is it?"

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