In a Different Light

Written for me by my long time friend Dennis.
Dennis and I became fast friends in 1980 when I was scared, alone, and stranded in a place I knew nothing about. I don't really know how I even ended up at the farmer's market in Georgia. I had traveled to Georgia on a whim and a dollar. I didn't know it as I was traveling to destinations unknown, but my aunt lived in Georgia. The Universe had my back when my car broke down precisely at the exit where my aunt lived. Although she helped me when I first arrived, our lifestyles were different and I chose not to go back to her house. I knew I couldn't go back home to New York. I met Dennis, who had a girlfriend, and I moved in with him since I had no other place to go. Our relationship has always been platonic. Over thirty-five years later and he is still my friend.

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