It's already written

I have always had a fascination with fate. I think things happen the way they are suppose to regardless of what you do. I have always had visions or glimpses of things before they happen. I find connections between things. Numbers I come across will drive me crazy until I can find a logical way to explain the sequence that has some connection or a pattern.

I drive people crazy when I take them down what they think is a long and winding road. To me though, it is the shortest route to remember a sequence of numbers such as a birthday or even a telephone number. For a telephone number, if I am interested in storing it, I will find some pattern in it, like odd numbers, or having multiples of a number. I then will add, subtract, multiply and divide numbers within the telephone number to remember it all. For some reason I can remember 2+4 = 6 better than I can remember 6 by itself. Besides remembering - it gives these numbers actual meaning and a reason for being what they are in relation to the person that they are attached.

For instance, five has always been my favorite number. The three sections of my birth date each equal 5 either by itself, addition, or subtraction. I'm the 5th born of seven. My name even has 5 letters. In another example of my obsession with numbers and connections, when you add the digits of my birth year together, they are equal to the day my best friend was born. When you add the digits of the year my best friend was born, they equal the day I was born. Coincidence or Fate?

A more startling connection is my son Travis' license plate.

When I see it: Age 22; 0 lives left; Death
He had cheated death a number of times. Death would win 2/04/2012 at age 22.

At Travis' funeral we played Little Drummer Boy since he was a drummer.
After Travis' death, I moved away from where we raised our family. 
my new address: 204 Drummond  (2/04 death date; drum) I knew he approved. 

I've described just a few examples of what races through my mind day and night. 

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