Still a logophile @ heart

I ran across this post I created back in 2008. Now nearing the close of 2015, I still enjoy words, word games, play on words such as puns. For example:

I find humor in the silliest of things.  And now for a blast from the past:

Subjectlogophile @ heart
DateCreated7/26/2008 1:36:00 PM
PostedDate7/26/2008 12:43:00 PM
BodyWords intrigue me.  Yes, they are useful when writing a poem or trying to communicate thoughts to someone, but I find my interest in words is on a deeper level.  The definitions of words, as well as the sounds and spellings are equally fascinating.

I could spend hours on end just looking in the dictionary with no real goal in mind. I don't have an exorbitant vocabulary.  Even though words randomly cross my mind and I have a sense of what they mean or the way to spell them, I utilize the dictionary on a regular basis.

The online dictionary has enabled me to search through words and meanings with ease.  If I find a word that catches my attention, I can easily look at similar words with just a click.  This 'word hopping' has not only expanded my knowledge, but more precisely,  it has often given me greater understanding of myself.

I don't particularly like to read books; books would be a great source for words.
I am content just reading a word, along with the definition. I can create my own story as I delve into the myriad of dictionaries available to my fingertips  

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