The Heart Behind the Badge

I wrote this poem back in the 90's for an online friend I met through AOL. She lived in Missouri and her significant other was an officer for the Raymore PD. She was feeling unappreciated and I wanted her to know how important her support was to him, even though I barely knew her and didn't know him at all. You can find my poem splashed all over the internet with author unknown. I don't mind. I hope many have read it and found their own source of what it means to them.

The heart behind the badge
you sometimes cannot see,
hidden beneath the surface,
comfort to only me.

I am sworn to serve and protect,
but obstacles get in the way,
the heart behind the badge
gives me courage to face the day.

Talking to an innocent child,
chasing a criminal down the road,
the heart behind the badge
carries stories that go untold.

The heart may be the passion
for the job that is at hand
God shining down upon me
He's the one who's in command

Compassion to deal with victims,
a strength to combat crime,
the heart behind the badge
is there for me each time.

A spouse or significant other,
a family to come home to
the heart behind the badge...
What does it mean to you?

© Abbye

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