Too much Chaos

Another frightful day
a call that echoes in my mind
this time I wasn't there for him
screams that won't let me unwind

"He had a seizure-they just called"
as I was awoken from a sleep
"Is he ok-where is he?"
calmness I tried to keep

The phone rang once again
His brother was on the line
he just had another seizure
I could hear things weren't fine

I could hear him in the background
he was screaming for his life
the police had him in handcuffs
creating much more strife

"Tell them to take them off!!!"
I was too far away
he needed me and I wasn't there
another stressful day

As he was cuffed and on the ground
yet a third seizure started
anger and panic beyond belief
and very broken hearted

A nurse at the scene came on the line
we were on our way
off to the hospital one more time
"he is doing okay"

The night before graduation
a hurt finger and a scraped face
lack of sleep for mandatory rehearsal
will we ever win this race?

Banged, bruised and sleepy
GRADUATION was finally here
he fought 13 years for this moment
and never shed a tear

© Abbye

Travis May 2007
September 22, 1989 - February 04, 2012

As I think about Travis during National Epilepsy Month, I can't help but be proud of him for graduating high school.  Even with all the obstacles he faced, he never once suggested quitting high school.  He had some amazing teachers and administrators that were firm and demanding, yet understanding, empathetic, and motivational.  

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