Born Last

As you sleep quietly in your room
I think of how you look
what will I do when a problem arises
can I find the answer in a book

There are so many things about you
that I know I have seen before
but looking at you when you smile
is like opening a brand new door

I know you are my third child
but everything seems brand new
your laugh, your cry, your tender touch
can only belong to you

You have two tough acts to follow
but I know you'll do your best
to shine as bright as you can
when you are put to the test

Little baby, you're so young
but you'll grow up so fast
learn from your brothers
and you'll be glad you're last


© Abbye 

Over 24 years have past since I wrote this poem for and about my third born.  The line: you'll grow up so fast, is so true. it seems like only yesterday.  He was a great baby, a wonderful child, a caring teenager, and now a young adult that is compassionate with a myriad of great qualities.  

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