Disasters of Life

I was shipwrecked before I set sail
grounded before I could fly
I was derailed at the first crossing
never understanding why

Far beyond my grasp
were the stars that came out at night
as with all my hopes and dreams
they vanished with the light

As I struggled to climb that mountain
that would someday set me free
it erupted with volcanic ash
spewing lava all over me

The hurt never stops coming
it feels like a runaway train
barreling down the tracks
causing so much pain

I could put on a smile
try to dam up the tears
pretend everything's okay
hide away all the tears

but the tears keep on falling
washing away my soul
flooding my mind with thought
like a river out of control

As the wind is blowing
and the rain is getting near
I close my eyes and weep
I have nothing left to fear

As the storm slowly passes
like the rain my tears will dry
once again life goes on
until the day I die

© Abbye

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