Give My Friend a Call

No matter what's in front of me, I give my Friend a call
He tells me not to worry; He will take care of it all.
I presented him with my dilemma, of which He already knew
How could I write a poem to share my talent with you.

Together with Him by my side, we began to write
the words that I would share, here with you tonight.
The words may not be happy, but they all will tell the tale
Of how He has guided me through my life... without fail.

There was a little girl crying, calling out His name
waiting to be rescued, taken from the shame.
Many years went by, and then she finally knew
He was there all along, that's how she made it through.

Through the sunshine and the laughter, the tears and the rain
Her heart would always feel sorrow, sadness and pain.
She searched to have a family, became a mother and a wife
That couldn't replace what was lost, so she tried to take her life.

But again she called out His Name, and He was by her side
Comforting her gently with His arms opened wide.
She continues to trust Him; knowing He is there
providing for her needs, listening to her prayer

Words upon the paper, an inspiration from above
They talk of sadness and pain, not happiness and love.
A life full of struggles and storms; tears that never end
Knowing I can keep living, because I have a Friend.

© Abbye

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