how to feel

when it's time to say goodbye to someone you love
no words can express the feeling in your heart
maybe it's part of grief or just emptiness you feel
you want to move on, but don't know where to start

it's trying to get adjusted to life in a different way
a new normal; feeling great may not be great at all
memories can trigger once hidden emotions
almost reaching the apex, then suddenly you fall

whether they were taken away suddenly, as with death
or an unhealthy relationship forces you to walk
you find yourself on an emotional roller coaster
some days, you can't breathe, you can't feel. you can't talk

you have to keep on climbing, setbacks aren't the end
face the fear of moving forward, one step and then two
although your heart is breaking and the pain is real
no one can tell you how you should feel, but you

© Abbye

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