Strangely Enough

I found this scribbled poem with a 2-24-80 date. On that date, I would have been in my second semester of school and I was not doing well emotionally, therefore, socially and academically, I was also suffering. I don't recall who or what this is about- maybe I came up with the concept of frienemies before it was fashionable. I wonder if it was an observation of other people's relationships because I've never really made many friends or enemies

It's really strange of the happenings
when a friend of an enemy likes you
it changes all the inside talk
to talk of what you'll do.

it only helps to keep it cool
and act like you can't wait
it probably would be easier
if you were really straight

But it doesn't matter who you are
as long as you're their friend
it doesn't matter what you are
as long as there's an end

it helps to be an enemy
if your friends are enemies, too
but it helps to be a friendly one
so they don't beat up on you.

So this doesn't make sense
it wasn't suppose to be
it only matters
what makes sense to me

© Abbye

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