the ripple effect

limb crashes on the roof
no one notices the hole
rain comes, but not for long
it hasn't taken its toll

rest of the tree is removed
they never mention the roof
everyone thinks all is well
but, there's a major goof

weeks go by and even months
storms come and go
it's now the final countdown
the grand finale show

it's a typical rainy Friday
nothing unusual most of the day
but with just a drip drip drip
my ceiling begins to give way

within moments of my call
help has already came
scrambling to find a solution
damage control, the game

containers to catch the water
a broom handle for a prop
keep the ceiling from falling
at any moment it could drop

some plywood and a 2 x 4
made for a pretty nice brace
the roof is repaired with tar
just need to fix up my place

four days have already passed
and it's too wet to repair
a fan is brought in for drying
white noise fills the air

could this have been prevented
there is no doubt in my mind
the tree service did their job
but, apparently they were blind

a case of mediocre performance
the big picture they did not see
disregarding the ripple effect
that seems so obvious to me

© Abbye

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