the talk

every relationship will reach a peak
and proceed on a continual plateau
at this time there are three options
and this is what I need to know

do you want to move this forward
find an intimacy we've yet to explore
propel this friendship to new heights
keep what we have, but with more

are you satisfied where we stand
just maintaining the status quo
have we reached max closeness
as far as this friendship will go

there is always the final path
cut all ties and say goodbye
start it on a steady decline
and soon the friendship will die

my heart just needs an answer
emotionally I am tied to you
you have to make a choice
then I can choose what to do

I need you to be very clear
as I've built up hope in my mind
take next step, just a friend, or end
change is inevitable, you will find.

I expect an immediate answer
because the answer you already know
be honest with yourself and with me
should I continue to hang on or just let go

© Abbye

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