does perception affect the meaning of a truth; are all truths objective which can be proven
are some truths subjective; only understood by the one who speaks said truth
analyzing what has been said; portrayed as a statement of fact
my understanding often wavers from the implied intended meaning

what I believe as a lie, is it truly not a fact; am I making the truth subjective
can one lie so much, they believe it as true; are people naturally deceptive for gain
are truths exaggerated to fill a void in the speaker or to fool the listener
does experience have an effect on truth; is the real truth not yet known

is it permissible to withhold the truth; does that make it a lie
does the speaker decide their own truth; is their truth subject to scrutiny
are spoken words always intended to be factually accurate;
does the listener have the right to judge if spoken words are factual

can truth be modified and still be true; when truth changes was it a lie
do people understand the ramifications and ripple effects of a lie
does one's level of trust automatically mitigate a spoken untruth;
with each lie does one's level of trust decline until non-existent


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