An outing and a project!

This was my view the other day during lunch! I really enjoyed just being by the ocean.
I am really working on leaving my apartment more. I was over by the beach looking for fabric to recover some stools and my dining room chairs.

I found these two stools the other day. They were sitting in the rain by the dumpster.  I woke up early that morning and for some strange reason immediately decided to take my trash out.. in the rain in the dark...

It's a short walk and when I got there, I saw these stools and decided if someone was going to throw them away, I could sure use them! By the time I walked back to my apartment with them, the dumpster truck had pulled up! If I was a few minutes later, these treasures would have been gone!

I removed the wet yucky smelling upholstery and foam and the boards were still dry. There was a screw hanging down on one of the chairs preventing it from swiveling freely-- I wondered if that is why someone discarded them-- a few turns with an allen wrench and it was good as new-- except the seat which I worked on over the last few days to recover.

I loved the fabric I found! I'm really proud of my self for how well they turned out.
I hope to be able to buy this pub table from amazon or walmart soon!  The stools would be perfect with it! 

Now, all I have left is to recover my dining room chairs - which I have intended on doing when I bought them over a year ago. Better late than never - I guess.

- Abbye

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