I've been so consumed building a website for LohneHeart, my company on Uncharted Waters Online, that I have neglected to post on this site :(

I'm really excited about lohneheart.com I put a lot of time and effort into not only building the page, but adding content that will be helpful to company members and players in general. I wanted to have a page other than our facebook page because not everyone uses Facebook, including me. I was able to purchase the lohneheart.com domain name, so I started a blog site that would be used to relay company information and to locate resources to make game play more enjoyable. When someone suggested a shout box - boom - done! Another suggestion led to adding the forums - which led to figuring out a way to integrate our original blog site with the forum - boom - done! It's difficult to get people to a new website, but word of mouth and some networking should prove successful!


One of the most common questions I hear in the game, "does anyone know what the server time is?" It's also one of the things I'm always having to calculate during game play for myself, so I thought it would be cool to have a clock with the server time on the main page. This way when someone asks the question, I can say, it's 5:20 but next time you can find the server time on lohneheart.com. The game is global and server time uses pacific time zone. Time for liners and events is often relayed  in 24 hour time, so it was important to find the time was able to be displayed in 12 and 24 hr time. Finding a clock that worked always on pacific time that didn't adjust to the visitors time took awhile, too. I finally landed on the time and date page, and the end result is perfect!

I decided to make a tool to report discoveries. You can turn the discoveries you find in-game to any non-player character (npc) in the game, but you get the most reward when you turn it in to the right npc. The npc are literally spread out around the globe and there are over a dozen categories of discoveries. Remembering which npc takes which discovery is a challenge, but no longer necessary with the tool. There was one available on olous.com, but it didn't contain complete information. The page that did have the complete information, wikia, was just a page that had everything listed and you had to hunt for your needed information. I thought, I can figure out how to make that drop down and make one that has all the information! It took scouring the internet to learn the css code and html that I needed because back in the day, it was all html. There are probably easier ways - but when you are self taught, completing a project may not be done in the fastest, most efficient way, but the job gets done. You can find the discovery tool I made at lohneheart.com

Report Discovery Tool

After learning all the coding to make the discovery tool, I thought it would be helpful to have a similar tool to find out information about Aides. Aides are npc that you can hire. They essentially become part of your character that support your skills and each Aide has skills of their own. There are pages to search for Aide information on ivyro or wikia, but there are so many Aides and skills, it becomes overwhelming looking at which is best for your character. I decided that drop down menus to pick your skills you want your Aide to support and skills you want your aide to have could be a great way to make the process of hiring an Aide easier. There are also menus to compare Aides. Other than hiring an Aide, when you have hired more than two Aides, you forget what skills your others Aides have, so this tool will help you find your Aide's information out quickly and easily.
You can find the Aide search tool I created on lohneheart.com (soon)

Aide Search Page

That is how the lohneheart.com website came into existence and will become part of the LohneHeart history. For now, I must get back to coding the Aide search tool - barring any delays, it should be finished today!

Aide Search Page is operational- May just need some fine tuning! Check it!
Since I posted this - I have made 3 other tools to help players - check them all out!



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