Election Day 2016

I went to my voting location at 7:00 AM because I had to be at work at 8:00 AM and I don't get finished until 7:30 PM. One thing that was different than any previous voting day was that there were already at least 100 people there ready to cast their ballot.  The other thing was the ballot was a paper ballot. It reminded me of an election day I participated in 30 years ago. Even at that time, most places had electronic voting and it was pretty humorous that this place was using a paper ballot. Imagine, fast forward 30 years, how I chuckled inside when I realized it was a paper ballot. 

I say, "when I realized" because the election worker handed me a folded plastic sheet with a paper inside. I thought it was directions and maybe a sample ballot. I walked around to the little booth, but was a little confused. I really wasn't sure how to operate it. I was just about to ask someone if they could get me started in the right direction, when I noticed a pen attached to some cord. I looked at the handout and it was a paper ballot with little circles to fill in, front and back!! After I filled them in, I took my ballot up to a machine that resembled a copy machine and watched my ballot disappear as I fed it into the slot. Anyone with eyesight could glance over and see who I voted for just by the marks on the paper. The machine sent a type confirmation that my vote had been accepted.

I guess this is a step up from the hanging chad fiasco of 2000.  

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