A tree fell on my roof today (July 22). It was scary loud. Then, the rain started. Then, the dripping sound in my office.  I took a video while I wait for maintenance. It's been over an hour. drip drip drip.
Who said electricity and water don't mix?

7/24 - This could have been prevented. I reported large limbs falling on my roof over the last 6 weeks on 3 separate occasions. Now, I have to live with the inconvenience while they repair the damage to my office. I'm irritated.

7/26 - Water poured in for 2 days. They removed the limb that had wedged itself into the roof at a 45 degree angle.  Probably only patched the roof as I only heard banging for 10 minutes.  Office repair hasn't started.

8/3 - A mold technician came and did tests throughout my apartment. He reported moisture above my living room. That's where the previous tree fell and caved in my ceiling two years ago. I reported to management that my ceiling was beginning to darken so she called in this specialist (to prove me wrong). He said there is a roof leak in that area which is separate from the office leak. The office showed no moisture in the ceiling, so I guess the tarp is working. He said air quality was good but recommended they place a dehumidifier and fans in the attic, as well as fixing the leak.

8/10 - A limb fell on my roof again over the living room. I jumped! They really need to do something with these trees over my apartment. I'm really tired of reporting this issue.

8/12 - Still no progress on the roof repair, dehumidifier and fans or fixing my office. The carpet is supposed to be treated and cleaned and the fan replaced. This was supposed to be complete before my return to work date which was today. This evening it stormed and there was a loud thud on my roof, again.

8/23 - They decide to fix my roof today without warning. I have to take off 2 hours 49 minutes from work because of the noise. They still have not addressed the prior leak and why there is still moisture above my living room. If my ceiling collapses and I die, I hope someone will sue on my behalf. They have had plenty of notice there's an issue.

8/24 - Day 2 of hammering, sawing, dropping stuff that shake my apartment. At least I'm off work today and won't have that stress. This is not helping my headache issue at all.

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