Apparently my neighbor didn't report a leak from his AC and/or hot water heater which has caused considerable damage to his apartment and also it turns out a shared wall in my apartment.

This is the same neighbor who dog sits a yappy barky dog- even though having dogs in his apartment is against the rules. Also the same neighbor I reported many times for grilling on his balcony.  It not only fills my apartment with the smell of charcoal lighter, but it is a fire hazard.  As a former LEO, he should know better.  Here is an example of one of his unattended fires that he had on the front landing. I can only imagine it is similar when he has them on his balcony.

Now, once again, I am inconvenienced because of the lack of action and consideration from someone.

More to come.

It's been such an ordeal over the last 5 weeks that I don't even want to post about it.

No more to come.

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