Update March 30, 2019:

After I pay for the Minecraft server - the server owner, Fields begins to act very shady and I decide I don't want to be in his discord server so I leave and create my own discord. I had spent the last 3 months on the Minecraft server playing mostly alone or with Jack or smocket, but Fields was hardly ever around.  He always had excuses of being sick or busy with real life. Then he started posting about a different game - then he told me he had been going on other Minecraft servers!! WHAT?? you keep saying you don't have time or your too sick to promote your own server.   So I left his discord.  He removes me as OP on Minecraft server and I can't access ANY of my stuff!!!! since February 25.  He also mentions it's my fault cause I didn't want it named "Fields & Abbye's Place" - ummmm  of course I didn't you daft idiot that has implications.  He then tells me I didn't pay for the server and BANS me. I am beyond words. (Meanwhile he reveals to me he created a fake profile and joined my discord -- all the while telling me how honest he is???)

                    Fields paid the 1st month then I paid for an upgraded server November - February

                       I continued to pay for the upgraded server for 3 months February through May

This is why I left his discord Server and why he took away OP.
My friend has a minecraft server and his live map you can see great detail on all the buildings and areas. You can really zoom in the map. Our map, you couldn't zoom in very far and you could see little detail on any of the buildings. Previously, I shared with Fields how to render our map so it wouldn't be all spotty.  Fields asked me for the address to the Live map and with some hesitation, I shared it with him.  He finally admitted, our live map was not up to par and he would work on fixing it. (still hasn't) That should of been the end of the interaction with my friends server. Instead, the following day, I'm looking at my friends map and I see Fields logged into it.

But this is what I get 
1500 hours of hard work lost


Come dig your way through hours of fun on our newly opened Minecraft server.

- One world free from monsters, but only a teleport away from Zombie World.
- Main Hub transport station to destinations around the uncovered map
- PVP Arena our worlds are PVE except in the designated arena
- Live map! Explore and uncover new areas!
- If you want to claim a section of Land - that can be arranged!
- New stuff still be tested and added - get in on the ground floor
- Fun relaxing server, No griefing, All ages welcome

You must be using Minecraft Java Edition - other editions aren't compatible!

Click image to purchase digital code from Amazon.com then go to Mojang website

or go to Mojang website and buy directly


Create an account

Launch Game

Add Server

server name: Fields On Youtube Minecraft
server address:

Join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/RbjEQaz

We have a Minecraft section for text and voice chat or join if you just
have further questions or join if you just like collecting Discord servers ;)

Resource Packs

If you are interested in using different resource packs that change the textures
I've found these work well and are very popular
Go to this website
Scroll down to:
Minecraft Java
Minecraft 1.13.2 - Update Aquatic
Download these files and remember where they are downloaded
John Smith Legacy JSC 1.13.1 v6
John Smith Legacy 1.13.1 v6
Title Screen > Options > Resource Packs > Open Resource Pack Folder (place the files you downloaded here)
Move resource Packs from Left to Right side - Select Resource pack - Done
You can change resource pack at any time during game play.

Here are a few of the projects:

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