Social Anxiety

Six month ago I posted this

and over 10 years earlier I had written this poem

I recall writing about katagelophobia as well which is the fear of being ridiculed, put down, or embarrassed, but I'm not able to locate that writing as of yet. It was a rough summer and I wasn't able to start therapy. Then all the trouble with the tree falling and the roof repair. Then the floor repair that took months. My headaches, ear ringing and facial pain are no better and I'm in a downward spiral emotionally.

I was never diagnosed with any anxiety disorder, although this therapist picked up on it the first session I had with her and talked about it again the last session I had with her, even though I told her I was a loner. I haven't told her about this stuff yet. Mainly because I wanted to make sure she was diagnosing me and I wasn't self diagnosing. I really want to make sure I have the right doctor this time. I believe I do. I just wish she could see me more than one time a week.

We talked about residential treatment- I'm not a fan.

I've decided to stream on twitch to help with my anxiety
you can also read more about my anxiety and my story on my twitch page.
stop by a visit when i stream - I'll do my best to chat with you!

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