Between the Stars

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Part Two

Somewhere Between the Stars - Chris Rea

Valentine's Day 2020 - I went to you tube to find a song and this song was "recommended" Again, never heard of it and was not looking to find any song concerning you - I was moving on. 

One of your favorite topics we talked about was lucid dreams. Listening to this song makes those conversations and even our last day's conversation so much more intense. The lyrics in the song Run "Even if you cannot hear my voice, I'll be right beside you dear." are very similar to the lyrics in Somewhere between the Stars - "Though you can't see me, I'm always near." If those tidbits are not enough to make me think, this is truly a message from you on this very Valentine's Day, there is more.

Some months back, you offered to play the game I enjoy, although it wasn't really your type of game. All my characters for the last several years on every game have always been named Abbye - maybe variants for multiple characters Äbbye,  xxAbbyexx etc. BUT, this time I created a character and called her Rheya  Yes the name may be a stretch to link it to this song, but I don't think so. Maybe it was the whisper I heard when I named the character. Seriously, every time  I would see this character I would wonder, Rheya,  where did that name come from?  I now think it's in reference to Chris Rea (Pronounced Ree- uh, Ree, Ray., I'm not sure). I probably spelled my character name like I heard it.

The very last conversation I was having with you was on discord while we were playing our most recent game. Although there are many words and sentences from that night that now bring on new meaning, I will keep those as a guide, a memory, and an affirmation.  I will share the very last thing I said to you, less than a minute before you logged out of our game for the final time.  

Thank you for making my Valentine's Day very special. I know you want my happiness. 

Destiny is real. The signs are there to piece together for peace. 


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