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I think I will dedicate this page to my online ordering.
New additions will be at the top. It doesn't seem that I'm able to order without an issue!!


I only ordered 3 items. As soon as the order was placed, someone from the store called. They were out of two of the flavors I chose. I guess they didn't see the message about letting the store choose a replacement. I answered the phone anyway. We quickly decided on replacement flavors. It was now 6:51 PM. Estimated delivery was 7:23 PM.  I got a message my food would be late, but the driver was indeed on the way to the restaurant.  It was now 7:17 PM. 

My order is picked up at 7:35 PM and dropped off at 7:47 PM.  I can live with that, no problem. EXCEPT, I only got the one item the store employee called me about. It was also completely soupy, except for the banana slices. The receipt attached to the delivery just indicated one item. It was delivered 54 minutes after it was made. I didn't request a refund for that item.

After contacting the driver, and not receiving a reply, I requested a refund for the two items that were completely missing! It was a ham and cheese grilled sandwich and hash browns that I didn't get. 

One day I will reach a point where enough is enough.      


An item was missing from my grocery order. It's better that it was just a random item and not a component to a meal. It is still unfortunate that there are so many incompetent people. 

Accuracy for this order is 94%. Shopper error or driver error? I will never know. It is really frustrating to have to reach out to get a refund for a missing item. In this case, the refund was $1.97 for the item. My asks aren't great. Shop for my groceries, a service you offered at a cost to me. Deliver my groceries in accordance with my paid service. It is not like I'm asking for something unusual or extraordinary!

Or am I?


I know I had planned on not ordering online fast food delivery, but my grocery order with Walmart fell through a couple of hours ago. Surely, there wouldn't be an ordering issue twice in the same day! I really needed some comfort food, not to mention I was hungry. I decided to order from Arby's.

The thing about ordering a French Dip from Arby's that it comes with Au Jus. You dip your sandwich in the dip and to me, it tastes so good! I placed my order along with curly fries and a shake. I also ordered lunch for tomorrow, a turkey sandwich. All I had to do is sit and wait for delivery, and enjoy!

Yeah, like that was going to happen. The entire reason I ordered the French dip, is to be able to dip it in the au jus sauce. It is a comfort food from many years ago. Was it the driver that didn't deliver it or was it Arby's that left it off the order. I do not know, and I will never know. 

I feel like I don't have any real recourse. There was no place to provide written feedback. My only option was for a refund of the entire item, and I didn't want to go that route. I just want to report it! 



Another day, another failed Walmart grocery delivery. This time my order was already shopped, but still not out for delivery. I contacted customer care just after the delivery window expired at 6:32 PM.  The first agent immediately was on my nerves, "I will be assisting you today, one moment while I take a look at your chat.  I see Linda that you are reaching out because you need to return an item" 

Huh?? I had originally typed, "the delivery window is over and my order hasn't went out for delivery yet."  I then typed, "I have to be the dumbest person alive to keep giving walmart chances." Followed by, "I want to know why my order is still not out for delivery."

Nash replies, "Linda I’m so sorry that your order is late I do see that there is a driver assigned and he’s waiting outside of the store even though your order is said to be delivered by 6:32pm we still have to give Walmart an hour Walmart does not consider your order to be late at this time if you please can be patient"  This was about 7 minutes into the conversation and it went quickly downhill from here.

I let him know, "I ordered it at 4:32 and PAID for 2 hour delivery for $10" "It IS definitely late."

A few minutes later, "your getting refund for delivery fees im sorry for the delay" I then get an email with a percent off of each item from my order totaling $9.29.  He then tells me, "but there iis driver waiting for your food now." 

I enquired, "How long should I give before I contact you back?" The agent said, "I’m going to call the store and ask them to please load driver and dispatch him as soon as possible"

I replied, "I'll wait until you get a confirmation. why did you refund amount: $9.29? You did not refund delivery fees." 

This comes next from the agent, "I’m trying to do ten Lisa its not an exact" "lisa im trying to" "dont you see that" 

I took all I could take, especially when he changed my name, "I need to chat with your supervisor"

"im even calling the store, sure" then this message, Your agent has left the conversation. You can close this chat window now or send another message to be connected to another agent.

I finally get through to a supervisor, after briefly speaking with another agent. By this time I had been in chat for about 40 minutes. The supervisor lets me know, he will report the first agent, but wants to call the store. He can ring me back, email, or leave a voice message. I opt for a phone call. 

Once the supervisor calls me back, he connects me to the local store and stays on the line. The first person is trying to assign a new driver, but it doesn't give them the option.  He decides to get someone else on the line and just switches us without warning.  "I understand you want to cancel this order?" "You decided you didn't want the first driver to deliver to you?" 

The supervisor speaks up and says, "Ma'am the customer doesn't have that option, she needs her groceries delivered." She asks me my name, and as much as I wanted to say Lisa, I gave my correct name. She said, the order must have been cancelled by the driver. She didn't seemed alarmed.  I let her know I can see it was already shopped, and I didn't get a cancellation notice. I asked if a supervisor can run it to my house? 

She starts with, "the only thing we can do is cancel the order." She had just told me it was cancelled by the driver??  She rudely rattled off some other meaningless things then hung up on us.  

The supervisor, Osmin, was VERY empathetic. He was shocked the store employee just hung up and commented on how she spoke to me. He was glad we were on a recorded line. That in my mind, makes it better. I will be sure to let him know what a great job he did in the feedback email that I am sure to receive. Again, I end my day so frustrated, and hungry.  

I've already reordered for delivery tomorrow in the AM.


It was late Wednesday evening and I started coughing badly. I thought maybe I overheated due to some stress with work and buying a home. On Thursday, the cough continued and my body started aching. I made it through the workday, but I was feeling pretty rough. As the evening progressed into night, I knew I needed to get some cough drops at least. I decided to order cough drops and severe cough, flu, and sore throat syrup online. The five items I wanted all had a Friday delivery which was perfect. It was too late to get anything locally anyway.

When Friday morning arrived, I felt so horrible. I found a nearby pharmacy that would test for Covid-19 the same day. I made my appointment. Meanwhile, I get notification that my order had shipped and would be delivered on this day. Great! I could withstand coughing for a few more hours. 

I pulled up to the drive-thru as instructed for my Covid-19 test. The Nurse Practitioner (NP) let me know through the speaker she would be with me in a moment. A few minutes later, she passed me the test kit in a paper bag through the transaction drawer. I looked inside, but waited for instruction.  I saw the NP standing at the window and she appeared to be talking, but I couldn't hear anything. There were other cars around and other lanes. I waited and waited. 

After about five minutes passed and the NP was still at the window with concern in her eyes, I motioned with my hands asking if she was talking with me. I let her know I couldn't hear anything she was saying. She looked confused and went over to her speaker controls.  At last, I could hear her!! She had been talking to me for the entire five minutes with the microphone muted for my window. We had a good laugh, and I apologized for not catching it quicker. I completed the test and drove back home with the expectation my cough drops and medicine would arrive later in the day. 

I slept for a few hours after the test. My body aching terribly and my throat more soar with each cough. When I awoke, I checked on my delivery, and it showed Out for Delivery. I was really needing some relief from my cough. An email arrived late in the evening that my order was delayed., It would arrive sometime in the next day or two. I called the company and it was too late to cancel my order and they were not able to stop delivery. I was stuck waiting. 

The package with the medicine finally came Saturday late afternoon. A couple of hours later I got a negative Covid-19 result. My cough is no better and my body still aches amongst the chills. At least I have some medicine to calm the cough.

For the record, I'm not amused.


I just don't understand.  I'm beyond angered and hungry. Around 9:30 PM, I finally chatted in to Walmart customer service. They blamed it on the driver, but clearly it hadn't been shopped. They also told me the grocery department closed at 8 PM. I didn't make up my own time slot, they offered it to me. I could have been notified that it couldn't be fulfilled. They chose not to notify me. 

Customer service chat was one excuse after another and not taking responsibility.  When it was escalated to a supervisor, I felt even worse and more irritated. Excuse after excuse and worthless scripts.  I just don't understand how I have so many delivery issues.

I wished I would have started blogging about them when they started to become frequent. 

You know how you keep staying with something you love, even though it's really bad, hoping one day it will get better? I bring this on myself by continually giving these places another second chance.

I am so through ordering fast food online for delivery.  I decided I wanted a chocolate frosty. Seemed simple enough. Uber Eats had a promo for free delivery if you spend $10.00. After much deliberating in my mind, I decided I would get some fries and nuggets to go along with the frosty.  I went to place my order and I got a pop up message. 

I can't tell you how many times I've order through Uber Eats from this Wendy's. I'm confused. Uber Eats has also been having some crazy delivery fees! Examples $.06, $8.26, and $13.46???? Now that I had spent 30 minutes on Uber Eats and could not order, I decided to go to DoorDash.

I placed the same order for the same amount except with a $1.99 delivery fee and $1.31 service fee. Twenty three minutes later, I get a text stating the driver is approaching. Be ready! If you have to meet the driver at the door, please wear a mask! I can see him on the map in the usual place about two minutes out. OMG, are you kidding me??? He went past my road!! Not only did he go past my road, he went up a side street, crossed the highway, and went to another community. I could see the house he went to on the map. I sent a screenshot of the map to DoorDash, but they did not respond.

This is so unacceptable. I didn't choose a shared delivery. Do other people see on the map when I order? I'm so frustrated about this delivery. When my order finally arrived, my food was cold. Not warm, but cold. My frosty was melting heavily. Could this delivery be worse? Yes, it can.

When I opened the bag, there were three dipping sauces inside the fries container, sitting on the fries. There was an additional three dipping sauces in the bottom of the bag.  Why would anyone want those containers on the food they planned on eating. It's ok, the fries were cold, and I threw them away. As well as the 6 dipping sauces that I didn't want.

I'm done with fast food delivery for the foreseeable future. 

For now, I will keep grocery delivery, but that's on shaky ground, too.


I thought I would try a new place to eat. The first issue was after the driver dropped off my order and knocked on the door. I went to the door, and the driver yelled up from the first floor. "I forgot your cannoli and I'll be back in five minutes!" I told him to take his time, knowing it would be at least 15 minutes, based on the distance.  I've never had a cannoli, hope it will be worth the $2.99 and the wait.

I've also never had a stromboli. It looked and tasted raw. It was full of cheese and a little sauce. I thought it would have pepperoni or something in it. The size was good for a small, but if I don't like it, size doesn't matter.  You can see the unappetizing filling oozing out the end and on the scored top.  It was basically goopy cheese wrapped in partially cooked dough.                            

I'm glad I ordered something extra for tomorrow, since I ate part of it tonight. A turkey heaven sub. It was rather tasty, but nothing special. Turkey, lettuce, tomato, and onion.  It tasted good and was fairly  inexpensive.  

I doubt I will order from Mario's again.  


I'm sad to report yet another online order that missed the mark. Last month alone, I spent right at $500.00 USD ordering FOOD online. The delivery/service fees/tips alone accounted for about $300. Theoretically, I spent about $50.00 per week for food. It is the price I'm willing to pay for convenience.

This, however, is NOT convenient. I decided to order from Chili's lunch menu. Still a bit pricey, but as a rewards card holder, I get either free chips and salsa OR a free non-alcoholic drink. I chose the Blackberry Iced Tea. The tea was the entire reason I ordered from Chili's today!! It is so good!!!    

I placed my order 30 minutes before the start of my lunch, right before I went into a meeting.  My lunch starts and my order goes out for delivery. No problem as I'm just 6 minutes from the store. My order finally arrives 10 minutes before my lunch is over. My drink is MISSING!!

I do not have time or patience to call the store and report that my "free" drink is missing.
I shouldn't have to do this. You clearly had my information as seen in the text.  I just don't understand how I have so many delivery issues.  It may have been labelled "free", but I pay for it through other orders. Such as when I order an appetizer that cost $13.95. 


Another day, another wrong order. Wrong orders have been continually happening to me for the last couple of years. I recently decided to post about them. Todays episode is Dairy Queen (DQ), delivered by DoorDash. It was not a delivery issue, but an issue from DQ.

I finished work and wanted to order a Blizzard. I ordered a Large Oreo Mocha Fudge.  The order was small and I didn't really want food, food.  A Choco Brownie Treatzza Pizza® caught my eye, so I added it to my order since it looked so yummy!.          
Anyway, back to the mishap. I received my order and the Pizza was ok, but the Blizzard was not as expected!! I got the one on the left. A small Blizzard!!

I called DQ. The manager on duty looked up my order and stated the packer had mixed up two orders. I got a small Oreo Blizzard and some random person got a Large Oreo Mocha Fudge. I did receive a refund, but this also goes against me as a customer, whether anyone admits it or not. 


I decided to order from Captain D's through Uber Eats. Uber Eats had offered a $12 off any order of $20.00 or more. I haven't used Uber Eats for about six weeks because of delivery issues. Taking $12 off is a full meal, so I decided to give them a chance! I ordered two full meals from Captain D's. One for today, and one for tomorrow. Funnel cake sticks also caught my eye, so I added them to the order.

Everything went fine with the delivery. Prompt delivery, no constant texts giving me a minute by minute commentary as some do, and directions followed. I was happy to finally have a delivery without an issue- or so I thought.

In the grand scheme of things, I realize it is truly trivial and most definitely a first world problem.
The point is, when a company offers "Request utensils, straws, etc." and I request it, my expectations are that I will receive the items.  Technically, the company complied with the request. 

For two full meals I was given one fork. That is it. No knife, no second fork for the second meal, just one fork. Suppose I wasn't saving the extra for tomorrow? What if I had a guest that was going to eat the second meal? Were we expected to share the fork. Captain D's does not know the circumstances of my meal consumption!! Utensils, a fork and knife, at least, should have been provided for each meal purchased. It will be sometime before I order from Captain D's again for this reason.


I placed an order in which I had to show the driver a valid driver's license. Although I did comply, I wonder why it needs to be a valid ID.  If my license expires, my birthdate remains the same. I patiently waited while the driver held my license and started entering information. 

As my patience was running out, I asked what information he was entering. The driver showed me his device and he needed to put my name, my birthdate, and the expiration date of my driver's license into his device. The driver enter the details then there was a technical difficulty. The date changed and he was required to re-enter all the information. 

Once it was accepted, I had to sign with my finger. Then, for an unknown reason, I had to sign a second time. After all the information he entered and two signatures, he tried to hand me the device so I could enter my full name. I politely told him he would have to enter it. I had to sign my name a third time.   

As a person with anxiety that only can handle limited face to face interaction with people, this was really uncomfortable.  I understand the need, but I really don't understand the process. Maybe there needs to be an aged verified delivery card that doesn't give out personal information.  I'm glad that delivery is behind me, but I still don't understand why the expiration date on my license matters. 


I had reward points with Dell from when I bought my computer a few months back. I started to get frequent emails from Dell that my points would expire in March. I only had $31.50 in points and wasn't sure what I wanted to buy. I considered tax software, but it was cheaper to get direct. I thought about a camera, but I decided I didn't need it at this time. I decided on a wireless mouse. I placed the order on February 20 and paid the .44 cents needed to go with my reward points. The delivery date was for Thursday, February 25. During the week, I got updates your order will arrive Thursday February 25. Great! I was looking forward to it so I could control what I was streaming from my computer to my TV without having to go to my computer. On Thursday, I get this text message (tracking purposely blocked): 

Awesome! It is about time I get an order from Dell and FedEx on time. What could go wrong?

Very typical for FedEx in my experience. Sometime after 8 PM on Thursday, I looked on the FedEx website and found - Scheduled delivery: Monday, March 1 by 8:00 pm. Neither Dell or FedEx has updated me that the delivery date has changed. Luckily, it was an order that wasn't needed when expected.                                                                 


I've typically used Avast Free Antivirus and have not had any complaints. Last March, I decided to try Avast Cleanup because my computer was running really slow. They had a deal to try free for 30 days, no credit card needed, and 40% off for one year.  How could I go wrong with this claim? 

While Avast Cleanup Premium can be used in conjunction with an antivirus to ensure your PC performs its best, Cleanup does not actually protect your device from viruses, ransomware, or other malware. Rather, Avast Cleanup Premium finds non-harmful, space-stealing files that aren’t doing anything for your PC and erases them. While this can improve your PC’s performance, these “junk files” aren’t actively malicious, and thus aren’t considered malware.

I decided to try it, but it didn't help my slow computer. (It turns out going from a gaming laptop to a really basic desktop makes a difference in gaming!) Anyway, I paid the 23.99 and went on my way with this assurance, "We’ll email you at least 30 days before the end of the subscription period reminding you of the upcoming billing (including instructions for cancelling)." I ended up buying a new computer and didn't give Avast Cleanup another thought after the initial trial.

They didn't send an email. However, I got this message, "This is to let you know that we’ve just renewed your subscription: $59.99.  We’re sending your invoice and a few bits of other important information. Thanks for sticking with us — it means a lot! To prevent any gaps in your service, we’ve charged you a few days before your current subscription period ends."  

After some email communication with Avast, I have been refunded.  


It is sad enough that I have to order my own flowers, but I didn't anticipate getting the wrong ones. I felt I needed some cheering up and some bright colors. I decided to order some flowers to go with my recent vase purchase.  I really like the size and color of the vase and it was reasonably priced.

I chose 'Do Not Substitute" on my Grocery / Flower order.  I don't want to speak with the shopper and I'm fine with not getting anything. However, I'm not fine with getting the wrong item and worse two wrong items. I'm also not fine with you texting me and asking what you should do. It is very clear what you should do. If they don't have the item DO NOT SUBSTITUTE.

Sure the second bouquet is pricier and I wasn't charged the increased price, but it wasn't what I ordered or wanted. I won't even go into how I feel about the typo on the website for one of them.  I immediately got a well written response from Shipt. I told them I didn't want a refund because I would use the flowers.  They did refund them, but more importantly she addressed the issue. 

About two hours later, someone from Shipt called. At first I thought he was from Windows wanting to give me a refund. With difficulty, he informs we they got my email. Hmm OK. Then he asks what is the problem. You read my email and then ask me what is wrong??? Thanks for calling, but it has already been handled. I couldn't imagine even being on the phone with him another 30 seconds.


Maybe this shouldn't have bothered me, but it did. Not just a little bit, but immensely.

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