Update 2: I found out the UPS notification was not for my reward shirt! Instead, it WAS something that I ordered and forgot it would be shipped UPS. It is a Hello Nest Video Doorbell! Hopefully to be used on the house I'm trying to buy!   

Update 1: I just got notification from UPS that I have a package coming in five (5) days. I haven't ordered anything to the best of my knowledge. It is wishful thinking that it is my shirt! I will update again when the package arrives.

I was fine doing the best possible job for my employer. I always put in extraordinary effort. It was never good enough for me to just provide a solution. I wanted to be sure the customer not only accepted the resolution, but understood it as well. If the customer called back or had another issue, my notes could be read and understood. Contact after contact, I would thoroughly document and resolve.  

Then a few months back, the quality audit team decided to hold a contest. The contest was a team contest. There was a list of criteria, and each employee would have two random contacts per weeks audited. This score would be added to the team score each week to determine the winner to advance in the bracket.

I have great teammates. We were paired up against other teams at random to start. Week after week, we advanced in the bracket. I just kept doing my job and didn't pay that much attention. The final week came and we were now competing to win the contest. I started to pay attention because there were great rewards for the winners.  I double checked each contact and stressed continually. We won by a fraction of a point. 

It was pretty amazing the odds we overcame to WIN the contest. Our team manager was out the majority of the contest time due to a chicken bone and covid-19. It is quite the story - the end. Our team, as well as the other final team, were often asked to help two other departments which created a disadvantage. Members of our team were given a $25 gift card. We were also going to get a shirt emblazoned with our elite department.  We're proud to represent our company. 

It has been over two months now since the winner was announced. We received the gift card which was not motivating. We were very excited to know we were getting the shirts! We haven't received the shirts. I've brought it up on three different occasions. I feel very unmotivated recently because of empty promises. 

I WAS fine doing the best possible job for my employer.  Your pointless contest took away my joy in a job well done. However, it did not remove how well I do my job. My rolling audit score is currently 99.5 of a possible 100 points. 

Disclaimer: These thoughts are my own and not of my employer.

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