A Poetic Journey

Linda Milam Brown (Author)

I compiled these books using years of poetry I have written when I was trying to cope with either my past abuse or situations brought on by mental illness, which in many instances, affected my relationships. Publishing these books is a way to share my story with others and to finally let the secret out. If you consider a purchase - click on book cover or visit my author's page.

The effects of childhood sexual abuse remain long after the abuse ends. Poetry is a way to cope. Telling the world is a way to educate. This poetic journey is a result of my sexual abuse, including incest, from age 4 - 18 years old. Tragically, my son was later molested over a six year period by his grandfather because I was too scared to report my abuse fifteen years earlier. Statistically, someone you know has been sexually abused as a child. Get a glimpse of the emotional turmoil they may be facing as an adult.

Living with mental illness is not easy. Whether it is your own or someone else. It is my hope that this poetry will shed light on the effects of mental illness and help someone along the way. I've struggled with mental illness all of my life. Whether it's a chemical imbalance or brought on by trauma, the struggle is real. I've been diagnosed with PTSD, SAD, Depression and bi-polar. If I get overwhelmed, or if things aren't quite right, sometimes I feel trapped, and when I try to express myself, it comes out as anger or agitation. The way I cope with it now, as the years have gone by, is to remove myself from the situation quickly until I can get my emotions under control. 

When it comes to being in love and relationships, there will always be pros and cons. Is being in a romantic relationship more important than the quality of a relationship? A poetic journey of love and heartache that will evoke emotion. I believe in true love and love at first sight. I think online/long distance relationships can work to start if both have their whole heart into it and are truthful. Dating at my age has not been easy, almost non-existent. Maybe someday, my true love will sweep me off my feet and make all my dreams come true.

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